RHC - Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.9 Full Race Replay by Red Hook Crit   3 год. назад

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We are excited to release a complete recap of Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.9 presented by Rockstar Games.

For the first time, watch the men’s and women’s races in their entirety through multiple cameras around the circuit including bike-mounted action footage highlighting key moves from athletes who shaped the race.

The program is hosted by Layla Anna-Lee, featuring a brief RHC history and rider profiles featuring Ainara Elbusto, Ash Duban, Daniel Holloway, and Aldo Ino Ilesic.

Commentary by official announcer Gabe Lloyd and RHC veteran Neil Bezdek provide insights detailing how the race unfolds.

Video edit by Cyclevox featuring select shots from Tito Capovilla.

Intro music by No Way Josie



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