Pango Fun Cartoon for Kids Hide and Seek Fun l Kids Video by ИГРЫ ДЛЯ ДЕВОЧЕК   6 мес. назад

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Pango Cartoon Storytime for Kids | Hide and Seek | Fun Educational Kids Video
Pango hid himself! Will you find him?
Join Pango and his friends in a funny and entertaining hide-and-seek game.
Search for Pango in more than 15 different worlds that you can explore freely, ranging from the African savanna to the snowy mountains, and including gemstone mines, a haunted manor, outer space and many more...
Pango can hide anywhere; in a tree, behind a rock, on the back of an elephant or under a bed. It’s up to you to find him!
Small items have also been lost in every level: the heart, the clover and the key. Try to find them as well!
All backgrounds are entirely interactive, fitting into the tender and colorful world of Pango with detailed animations and funny sounds.



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