A Shark more Terrifying than the Megalodon Could exist in Baja California. by TheTopMan 2.0   1 год. назад

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Thanks to technology and his insatiable curiosity, man has managed to arrive at the most remote places on the planet and that is how he has explored and discovered new lands and new species. 
But despite satellites, radars and submarines, one territory remains a mystery to humanity: the oceans. These extensive proportions of water that cover two thirds of the Earth, but only 5% of them have been explored. 
This unknown knowledge of what is deep in the oceans and seas has generated many expectations. Even supposing that down there, in the darkness of the waters hide strange and enormous creatures.
One of these magnificent animals, about which there are accounts of encounters and sightings has been called Black Demon. And according to the legends surrounding it, it is a huge shark similar to the extinct Megalodon.

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