THE OCEAN ADVENTURE FUN game for KIDS WASH and CARE sea animals by ИГРЫ ДЛЯ ДЕВОЧЕК   9 мес. назад

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Libero proudly presents The Ocean Adventure – an interactive storytelling game for toddlers, 1,5-3 years old.
Follow five best friends – Olivia the Outstanding Octopus, Fred the Friendly Fish, Tina the Terrific Turtle, Jen the Jolly Jellyfish and Wally the Wonderful Whale – on their great adventure through the ocean.
The journey leads to a big show where the friends’ band, The Ocean Orchestra, will have their very first gig. On the way there they need to practice their skills, but also face everyday challenges, such as waking up in time, help out friends in need and make sure to eat properly.
The app is packed with mini games – one following each section of the story. In each game, your child gets to interact with the characters in a sweet and entertaining environment at the same time as learning about the creatures of the sea. Fun music and sound effects, adorable animations and varying feedback make the toddlers want to play the games over and over again.
The unique mix of story and mini games makes it a nice moment for you and your child – read the story to your little one and then play the games together!

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