Aliya Mustafina & Viktoria Komova at the Russian training centre. by queensblade2011   7 год. назад

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Starts out talking about Mustafina overcoming her injury. We watch her tumbling and they say the results are right there in front of you. She says it was very difficult. The coach said it was a whole year without training, it was very difficult, he's very happy now. While they show her on bars the announcer is saying this is still not the entire program she had when she won worlds in 2010 but it's at least the first steps.

After the break Komova gives the run down of their schedule. First workout is at 7:00. 8:30 they go to breakfast and an hour break. 10:30 they have the second workout and after that is lunch. After that is school till 4. 4:30 is the third workout till 6:30 then they do whatever studying they need to. Then the announcer says that's how it goes, week after week, month after month. They have 1 day off on Sundays. Something about Thursdays (I think she says it's a reduced training day.) They went to watch them train on a Thursday.

She compares the 2, saying Vika always seems something (lol maybe playful or something) while Aliya is off in her own world. The female coach then says about how Aliya became the world champion and it took a lot of character. I think she says Vika also has what it takes. The announcer then says how they like to train side by side competing with each other. So that's their unusual childhood. Cut to Aliya who says something about winning a competition. Then the announcer praises her saying she's going through the process of getting back to her old self. The interviewer asks her if she ever gets tired it's all too hard and she just wants to go home. Aliya says yes it happens but she's gone too far and put too many years and too much work into gymnastics to just give up.

At the end of the day they'll go to a special sauna. And of course they have to eat. When asked, Vika says they have salad and meat. She says their is no strict diet, everything is allowed you just can't go crazy. The food on the left is labeled "except girls" (I have no idea what that is) and the drink on the right is labeled "Only for girls." She also says they like watermelon but yeah they can have anything. The interviewer then says "Even ice cream" and Vika is like, .. um sometimes the coaches bring it to us. The interviewer asks her what her favorite dish is and Vika says "French style meat" (I also have no idea what that is.)

The announcer says with all this hard work they need some way to relax. Vika says she likes to draw and I think send pictures to her mom. She says her mom comes once every six months. Aliya says before her mom used to come a lot but now she doesn't visit anymore because it's too difficult to get there.

So that's life for them, month after month. After that the coach says how they have not competed against each other. When Komova was competing, Aliya was injured. But he hopes they will both help the team. The announcer closes by saying between them both there are many parallels and they're both trying to make the Olympics.

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They also talk about how Aliya is one of the most un-smiling gymnasts. Vika is much more open with her emotions but Aliya is very introverted, focuses on herself and doesn't show as much emotion. She's very serious. Then there's a cute bit when they ask Aliya when her first competition was, she answers when she was around 7, then the interviewer asks if she won and Aliya says yes with a smile. The voice-over basically says "finally, the elusive smile-from-Aliya". It's funny.



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