Dell S2418HN Monitor Review: Is It Any Good? by Jimmy Tries World   2 год. назад

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This is the Dell S2418HN. One of the more attractive looking 1080p monitors on the market. But is it any good?

Before I get started I want to state that the Dell S2418H and Dell S2418HN are practically the same monitor but one has a built in speaker mounted in the stand. So those with a S2418H can see this review as well. Now let’s get started!

Dell’s S series monitors have become, at least to me, some of the most attractive looking monitors on the market. This year’s iteration, the S2418HN takes it to a whole new level. While some monitors consider themselves “bezel-less”. This thing is the closest you’ll get, with thin bezels the length of a grain of rice. And trust me, I know my rice.

Out of the box you get an HDMI Cable, AC Adapter, a sturdy metal stand, and the Monitor itself. The glossy display is a 1920x1080 resolution with 60Hz refresh rate. The downward facing ports on the monitor include, ac power input, 1 HDMI port, VGA and a audio out port. Pretty standard. The base of the stand has some rubber feet that helps it firmly stand in place.

Here’s where it gets interesting. If you just looked at the box of the monitor you wouldn’t be able to tell the type of features it has at all, because Dell puts maybe one or two features and that’s it. But they sure loves flaunting EVERYTHING about it on their website. Like how it has AMD FreeSync Support. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a nice feature, but this is a 60Hz monitor with 6ms response time. So, it’s not really “perfect” for gamers, and more fitting for casual business work, and entertainment purposes.

The monitor also spouts HDR10 support which is a bit confusing to me because on Dell’s own website they state the monitor is only capable of 99% of the sRGB color space. On it’s spec sheet it spouts the typical 1000:1 contrast ratio. I thought HDR10 content is supposed to use more colors than just that. But if anyone can explain how this works I’d love to hear it, cause as is it makes no sense and I personally have no HDR content that I can try anyway.

The Dell2418HN is sturdy even if you have a habit of shaking your leg and causing mini earthquakes. It can tilt a bit up and down but has no swivel or height adjustments. That wouldn’t really be much of a problem if this monitor had a vesa mount but sadly it doesn’t. All you can see is your own sad face in the glossy backside when you realize that Dell didn’t put that vesa mount like you wanted. If you goal was to mount these and build a triple monitor setup, sorry. But enough of that. The point of this video was to discuss whether buying this product was a good idea or not.

Coming in at $230 MSRP for the “HN” model and $290 for the “H” model with speakers. It’s a bit pricy. But honestly you’re paying for the beautifully thin bezels, AMD FreeSync, and HDR10 support whatever that means. And it really shows in the price tag, the last S series model the Dell S2415H retailed for $220 with speakers and a vesa mount. So I guess FreeSync and thinner bezels make up for the newer one’s higher price tag. Tell me what you guys think about this monitor in the comment section below. Is this a cool monitor or is it too expensive to NOT have a vesa mount?

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