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Best goals, saves and plays of russian handball team on a world championship 2017

Russian handball team reached 1/8 finals this time. To be honest I did not expect more from this team. All same faces in the team, without fresh blood there wasn't much chances for better result.

Unlike other top class teams, Russia was to slow in transition from defence to ofense. Some players seemed tired all the time, and Gorbok and Dibirov out of shape in my opinion. Still I cannot figure out why they force older players, when it is obvious modern handball asks for running all 60 minutes. Russia was solid against Slovenia in most important elimination game until 40 minutes, had their chances and than suddenly everything stopped.

After all Russian handball team had some spectacular plays on this WC, and this video is collection of best ones.

Russian handball team :

Aleksandr Chernoivanov pivot
Aleksandr Dereven Left back
Alexander Shkurinskiy Centre back
Azat Valiullin Left back
Daniil Shishkarev Right wing
Dimitrii Kiselev right back
Dimitrii Zhitnikov centre back
Dimitry Kovalev right wing
Gleb Kalarash pivot
Igor Soroka left wing
Mikhail Chipurin pivot
Sergei Shelmenko
Sergey Gorbok left back
Timur Dibirov left wing
Vadim Bogdanov Goalkeeper
Victor Kireev Goalkeeper



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